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Cop Handcuffs On-Duty Fireman Over a Parking Dispute


A California highway patrol officer handcuffed and detained a firefighter who was treating car crash victims last night after he refused to stop the rescue to move his truck.

The men had both responded to a car crash where a sedan had flipped over a concrete divider on the I-805. When Jacob Gregoir, a firefighter for more than 12 years, arrived at the scene, he parked his firetruck behind the ambulance to provide protection for the emergency responders — something the Chula Vista fire chief said fire crews are trained to do.

I’ve heard that some Fire Departments and Police Departments bicker and fight like rival high school football teams but this is just ridiculous. I realize both groups have rules to follow and regulations to enforce but when lives are on the line I think it’s time to let a few minor details slide. Now if the fire truck was hindering the rescue it would be one thing but it was actually BLOCKING TRAFFIC to protect the EMTs.

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