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Bill Nye Defends Evolution In Kentucky Debate


“Science Guy” Bill Nye said technology keeps the U.S. ahead as a world leader and worries that if creationism is taught to children the country would fall behind. Nye was debating Creation Museum founder Ken Ham at an event meant to explore the age old question, “How did we get here?” from the perspectives of faith and science.

Bill Nye and the leader of a Kentucky museum who believes in creationism debated a question Tuesday that has nagged humankind: “How did we get here?” Ham, an Australian native who has built a thriving ministry in Kentucky, said he trusts the story of creation presented by the Bible.

Personally, I subscribe to the scientific explanation of evolution. To me it seems there are too many pieces of hard evidence that show the world is older than a few thousand years.

Here’s the full debate, nearly THREE HOURS, if you want to watch them hash it out.

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